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FFL Transfers

I5 Guns is proud to offer FFL Transfers at an exceptionally low price, the best in the South Sound. We offer an easy, stress-free, and pleasant FFL transfer process.

             Please download, complete out and return the transfer form to I5 Guns

FFL Transfer Fees:

  • $40 Person to person transfers & announced FFL Transfers (cash price, add $2.00 for card)
  • $20 for State 1639 Semi Auto RIFLE fee
  • $50 for Outbound California Transfers
  • $100 for NFA items
  • $20 Fee for unannounced FFL transfers

Each FFL Transfer Must Complete to Following Requirements :

  • The Transferee (customer) must agree to I5's terms and conditions on the Transfer Form  and return the completed form to store personnel.
  • A current, valid copy of the shipper's FFL or seller's drivers license must be received by I5 personnel prior to or accompanying the firearm shipment. 
  • All shipped firearm transfers must be announced to I5 Guns; we charge a $20 fee for unannounced FFL Transfers 
  • Walk in (person to person, I-594 compliant) transfers do not have to be announced prior to the time of transfer, unannounced transfer fee (above) does not apply
  • Washington State Use Tax to be collected upon 4473 transaction.  A copy of the receipt or invoice reflecting the firearm(s) cost must be included to complete transaction.  WA State Use Tax will be calculated by amount paid for the firearm(s).  Without a receipt or invoice stating the cost for the firearm, fair market value will be assessed by I5 Staff for the firearm and the local sales and use tax rate will be applied to assessed value.